Cool as a Cardinal

My regular day job is a teacher at a local Catholic school. Every week we have a Mass where the entire school attends and at this Mass the fourth graders are always in charge of the singing.

This past week at the Mass we had a surprise guest, a Cardinal. For anyone who is not a Catholic, a Cardinal is a bishop who elects the Pope should the Church require a new one. So you can imagine that this was a pretty big deal. During this Mass I happened to give the fourth graders a passing compliment that they were singing exceptionally well. At the end of the service the Cardinal personally thanked the fourth grade choir.

Then after a little time has past the fourth grade teacher asked her class if it was a neat experience, being complimented by a Cardinal. One student said “Well you know, Mr. S. also liked our singing.” So the teacher replied “A Cardinal, Mr. S., kinda the same thing?” And the kids said YES! Hahaha!


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