You know you’re a Geek Dad when…..5k edition

I recently was a participant in a charity 5k.  I had been training for awhile before and during my wife’s pregnancy.  Some time has past, and some pounds have been put on so my expectations were pretty low.  I went out to this particular 5k because it was a charity event for the school where I teach, with every intention on walking with another member of the Middle School team.  I get there and that member of the team is late, so I decided to try to hang with the other members who were going to be running the 5k.  I do have to say I looked the part…which is where being a Geek Dad comes in.

I was wearing Vibram 5 finger shoes (those are the weird toe shoes some runners wear) which I was happy to give a mini seminar on to anyone that would ask about them.  I also had my watch which links to GPS satellite to track where you are running, and uses the technology to calculate your speed, distance, pace, calories burned, and times. This watch also has the capability to upload this data to a computer.  As far as I can tell, I am the only one with this much data available on my wrist, and I am the only one in these Geeky shoes which I bought for completely geeky running science reasons (I’ll gladly share if asked).  

To top off the entire experience of running an impromptu 5k while being the biggest geek there, I found myself calculating my pace/split times in my head, then looking at the watch to see if I was correct.

You might be a Geek Dad if you run an impromptu 5k with a GPS watch, crazy shoes and find yourself doing somewhat complex calculations and checking your work in the middle of the run!  

Until next time!


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