You know you are a geek dad when…….extended family edition.

Amanda has had extended family in town for the past couple of weeks. Naturally since they were in town we spent a majority of our time entertaining, or going out to dinner, you know, the usual.

Towards the end of their stay two relatives gave me a gift. It was a canvas sign that reads “Talk nerdy to me.” It even has a pair of nerd glasses on it.

It seemed interesting that these people that we do not spend a lot of time with can pick up on the fact that I am so much of a geek/nerd.

I guess you know you are a geek dad when your extended family gives you geeky gifts after spending a week with you.




You know you’re a Geek Dad when……radio edition

You know you’re a Geek Dad when your wife goes on the radio to talk about how much of a geek you are.

I was on my way to work yesterday when I get a call from my wife. She doesn’t usually call me on my morning drive. Thinking this was odd I answered quickly. “What radio station are you listening to?” she asked. I answered by telling her I was listening to music from my phone. She then launches into a long explanation.

Apparently a local radio station was talking about my favorite tv show, “The Big Bang Theory.” They then posed the question “Do geeks get the girl in real life?” My wife Amanda takes it upon herself to call in and talk about how big of a geek I am. She talked about how we met, the fact that I play 40k, how I teach math, and several other geeky things I have done over the years. She even mentioned this blog. They responded with saying that she must really love her geek.

I love that my wife would brag on me this way! And I especially love that she loves her geek!

Raising a mini wargamer

It was supposed to be another trip to our local Games Workshop to pick up a couple of supplies. My daughter Claire was super excited to go to “Daddy’s store!” to pick up some more of “Daddy’s guys!” (Dark Angels Space Marines) She very happy to go into the store and started leading us everywhere to look at “Castles” and other “guys.”

The store clerk, Thomas, saw how enthrall we she was with everything and sprang into action. As I was picking up my supplies he walked over with a fully assembled and primed “guy” for Claire to paint herself. This simple act of kindness completely made Claire’s night! She was so excited that night that she wanted to bring the little model to bed with her.

Claire waited patiently all week and today Claire got to start painting her guy. Enjoy these cute pictures!