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Hey everyone,


This has been a crazy couple of weeks.  I haven’t posted anywhere in awhile.  I am getting closer to end of term with my students and have had very little time.  It is one thing when I was a student and had to write 3-4 essays/papers for the end of a year…now I am the teacher and get to grade the 30-90 essays!  Not enough hours in the day!!!!


Free Comic Book Day

This weekend is a very big one for Geeks. Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day and today is Star Wars day!

Let me start with today…Star Wars day. For those that do not understand why there is a Star Wars day today let me just say “May the Fourth be with you!” I know, I know, stupid pun but it has actually turned into a big deal.

But this post is mainly geared to what happened yesterday. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!

All of the major publishers put out promo stories about most of their major lines. My local comic store was limiting the free comics to 3 per customer as well as had a sale of 25% off the rest of the store.

Let’s first talk about Marvel. As I said above 2 out of my 3 free comics were Marvel titles. Marvel is currently doing an excellent job with their Movie/tv Universe. They have managed to tie things from several movies into their Agents of SHIELD show. They have even started the hashtag #Itsallconnected. They have also tied their comic line into this marketing machine. Both of the books I picked up were about characters for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. What could they have done differently? They could have produced a full length book for this event. Both if these two books have a small adventure for about 6-7 pages then another one off story that has extremely little to nothing to do with the original title characters. For instance the Guardians book is basically a conversation between Agent Venom and Tony Stark introducing the Guardians and telling us what they are like. This carries on for a few pages and the conversation ends with Venom going to join the Guardians for what Tony calls a “tour of duty.” Then the book launches into some other one off about Spider-Man and White Panther on the moon that is ridiculous and has nothing to do with the previous conversation. I do realiZe that this is a promotional book but come on I was wanting to see Venom start the journey off world. Either make it full length or make the book shorter, don’t entice me with a full length book with 2 stories in it.

DC did produce a full length book. The way they created it was an issue #0 for a new story they are launching. I won’t give anything away but it is great and I can’t wait for the issue #1. The biggest complaint with DC was that by the time I got to the store this was the only title available from DC instead of the plethora of things I was given by competitors.

All in all a very successful day. Tell us your experiences in on Free Comic Book Day in the comments or let us know on Facebook and Twitter @dadthegeekblog in both locations. Enjoy some of our pics from the event…and remember…May the Fourth be with you!





So I own a Transformer!

This week I had the pleasure of having a Daddy Daughter day with Claire. In the early morning we headed off to the local University to see my little sister earn her BA in Creative Writing. That was an experience in and of itself and I will write about that in a later post.

The other big news (which pales in comparison) is that we have a acquired a new couch. Claire was very surprised to learn that this couch can turn into a bed. We spent some time pulling the cushions off the couch. Then I pulled the mattress out and set everything up. Claire then climbed up and invited our two dogs up onto the couch/bed.

We watched some Disney Junior and talked. Claire told me that she really enjoyed having a bed in the living room. I also explained that she can have the bed out when she gets older and has friends over to the house for sleepovers. Then I said that we needed to transform it back into a couch before Mommy comes home.

She was reluctant at first, and frankly who wouldn’t be when you discover something so amazing. But she finally agreed, but said she wanted to hid when Mommy got home and surprise her. That was when I had the idea to make the couch into a fort like when I was a kid…and that is exactly what we did. We sat patiently waiting for Mommy to come in the door when I got one of the best compliments I have ever gotten in my entire life. Claire looks up at me and says “Daddy, this is awesome!” My heart melted!

When has your heart melted? What was the best compliment you have gotten either from your child or someone you know? Leave a comment in the comments section. Also don’t forget to connect with me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter at @dadthegeekblog