School’s Out for Summer…Time to let the fun begin!

Summertime has officially begun in our house! I am very excited about all of the activities that we have already done and the activities that we have yet to do.

My summer vacation began with a somewhat silly tradition. As a kid I would always try to pull out of school and into summer vacation with a great song. During my high school years it turned into listening to Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out.” I know, pretty cheesy.

This summer I started it off the same way. I peeled out of the parking lot with my can laden down with all of my personal items from my classroom and “School’s Out” blaring in my radio.

We have done many different activities so far this summer. I’ve gotten a bunch of painting done for my 40k army, built countless forts/hideouts with Claire, went to Disney to celebrate Amanda’s birthday.

What are some of your favorite summer activities? Leave a comment in the comment section, or hit me up on twitter or facebook.





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