Cosplay Choices for Tampa Bay Comic Con

The most fun thing about going to Comic Conventions is going in costume. At least so I am told. I have never been to a Comic Con or DragonCon, or Super Con, or any other Con for that matter.

I have always enjoyed dressing in costume. I also would watch the Make-up and Costume Special Features of my favorite movies.

This year when we decided to attend Tampa Bay Comic Con we said that we try some basic cosplay.

Claire is only attending one day of the convention. On this day she is going as, according to her, “Super Big Girl!” She will be wearing a Superman shirt and a custom tutu that Amanda has made. I am going to be wearing a simple Clark Kent costume, complete with dress pants, dress shirt, suspenders, and a Superman shirt of my own that can be revealed on command.

Claire's last custom tutu was for this fairy costume.

Claire’s last custom tutu was for this fairy costume.

There are still two other days of the convention. During this time I am going as two characters from two of my favorite fandoms. On Friday I will be going as Tony Stark. I’ll have my Arc Reactor (built from scratch by yours truly) hidden under a Black Sabbath 1978 tour shirt, and the trademark Stark goatee (much to Amanda’s shagrin). .


Beginning assembly of the Arc Reactor for Tony Stark










Then on Saturday I will be rocking in the Harry Potter fandom; giving a take on Sirius Black. Awhile back I bought a shirt who’s style and graphics make it look like a prison shirt from Azkaban. I also have a Sirius Black wand from the Wizarding World attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Be sure to be looking out for updates from Comic Con in the coming weeks. Also share in the comments section your favorite costume/cosplay that either you or your children have worn.

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