RAMPAGE: An Initial Review

The purchase from Comic Con that I am the most proud of is RAMPAGE the board game! I first heard about this game earlier this year on a podcast called The D6 Generation and was super excited about what I heard!

I finally picked it up when I saw a great price for it at the Cool Stuff Inc booth.

STORY: In RAMPAGE you play an angry lizard monster whose goal is to destroy a city and eat “meeples.” You are also battling your fellow monsters for total domination.


WHAT’S IN THE BOX?: This game has tons of different components. The first is the game board which is split into two pieces for storage. There is a bag full of different colored “meeple” or people made out of wood, another bag with wooden giant lizard shapes, circles (where the feet will go) and vehicle shapes, a bag of teeth, building floor tiles, card board player boards, and a sheet of stickers with vehicles, lizards, and lizard feet on them. Everything is extremely well made, although I will say that the card stock of the player boards is a bit too thin for my taste.


GAMEPLAY: Players are assigned a color and begin each game with a character card, ability card (for use throughout the game), and a secret ability (one time use only…so choose wisely). A players turn is broken down into two phases: action phase and “chow down.” During the action phase players can perform any of four actions (or their ability) twice. These choices are movement, destroy a building, throw an object, or breathe fire. RAMPAGE is a dexterity based game so to do these actions actually requires some skill and a whole lot of luck. For moving you take your figure off of his feet disc and simply flick the disc…wherever it ends up that is where you have moved to. If you are close enough to a building you can choose to destroy it by lifting your token and dropping it on the building created by floor tiles and supported by meeples. To throw an object, it is placed on the token’s head and flicked off. To breathe fire, you just place your chin on the head of the monster and blow. After two of these actions you may then chow down on all of the floors and meeples you have knocked into the neighborhood you occupy. The game ends when a certain number of meeples have “fled the city” (a meeple has fled when they are knocked off the game board). There are so many intricacies that I have not gotten into, but this should give you the gist. If you want to see more on gameplay checkout the article on Board Game Geek


MY TAKE: This game is tons of fun and makes for a mess of a game board. Even Claire was interested in smashing the buildings and collecting meeples. We had a last playing this game, and the dexterity element adds something that I have not encountered yet in other games. I give this game four out of five stars.

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Back to School

So the time has finally come…the time that students and, I can say honestly, teachers dread. Not really though! Teachers are like the nerds that deep down are looking forward to the beginning of a new year. This year both Amanda and I began at new schools. If these first two weeks are any indication as to how the rest of the year is going to go, we are going to have a blast.

Claire has also gone back to school. She is going two days a week now and is currently learning about different shapes. We snapped this picture on the first day of school.


So far Claire is liking school and enjoying her teacher. This is the first time she has had a teacher that is using her last name.

How has your back to school season gone? Have you or your children gone back to school yet? Leave me a comment down below!

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Cosplay Choices for Tampa Bay Comic Con: UPDATE

Before we left for Tampa Bay Comic Con I wrote an article on dressing up for the Convention (you can read that article here). After coming home and reflecting on my time at TBCC I have come to the following realizations about the cosplay that was both worn and seen there.

Let’s start with the costumes that I saw. In short they were AWESOME! I am currently putting together a video that should be up next week with all the pictures and video that we took while there so that I can share the amazing costumes with everyone.

I learned a couple of different things there about our costumes. Most were too subtle. The last day of the convention was the only day that Claire attended and it was also the day that I wore my most outlandish costume. We wore themed costumes; as I went as Clark Kent with slacks, a nice shirt opened with a Superman shirt underneath, she went as “Super Big Girl.”


The first day I dressed as Tony Stark. I grew a goatee and built an arc reactor from scratch. But in the business of the Con, these subtle things were often lost. Other than those two things I was wearing just jeans and a t-shirt…I needed to be more over the top.


Alex and Lucy looked great as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy from the “Amazing Spider-Man” series. More than once they were stopped and asked for a photo.


I think that is the measure or a great cosplay…if people ask you to take a picture with them.

We have already decided to return next year and I for one will apply the lessons of subtlety (don’t have any) to next year’s costumes.

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