Cosplay Choices for Tampa Bay Comic Con: UPDATE

Before we left for Tampa Bay Comic Con I wrote an article on dressing up for the Convention (you can read that article here). After coming home and reflecting on my time at TBCC I have come to the following realizations about the cosplay that was both worn and seen there.

Let’s start with the costumes that I saw. In short they were AWESOME! I am currently putting together a video that should be up next week with all the pictures and video that we took while there so that I can share the amazing costumes with everyone.

I learned a couple of different things there about our costumes. Most were too subtle. The last day of the convention was the only day that Claire attended and it was also the day that I wore my most outlandish costume. We wore themed costumes; as I went as Clark Kent with slacks, a nice shirt opened with a Superman shirt underneath, she went as “Super Big Girl.”


The first day I dressed as Tony Stark. I grew a goatee and built an arc reactor from scratch. But in the business of the Con, these subtle things were often lost. Other than those two things I was wearing just jeans and a t-shirt…I needed to be more over the top.


Alex and Lucy looked great as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy from the “Amazing Spider-Man” series. More than once they were stopped and asked for a photo.


I think that is the measure or a great cosplay…if people ask you to take a picture with them.

We have already decided to return next year and I for one will apply the lessons of subtlety (don’t have any) to next year’s costumes.

What costumes or characters do you enjoy seeing. Leave me a comment below.
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