Store closing and New Project.

So I must be completely insane. I have taken on several new model projects during the heat of report card time at work.

Let me start at the beginning. Saturday was the last day of our local Games Workshop store. It is unfortunately going out of business. Making room for a Whole Foods of all things.

I took my Dark Angels 40k army down there and played in a “Kill Team” match. He other thing that I did was make a few purchases; mainly scenery, terrain, and other detail pieces.



These pieces are the start of a whole 4′ x 6′ gaming table that I am building, and will be posting my progress.

Check out my progress on my YouTube channel here.
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Game Day at School!

This past Friday our school partook in a local school tradition. Each year the parish that my school is attached to throws an Oktoberfest fair with tons of rides and booths. We invite special needs children from all overhaul e county to come and ride the rides for free. This takes most of the day, but we still have 2 periods after lunch.

During these two periods teachers usually show movies (because, let’s face it, the students aren’t going to learn anything), but I took this opportunity to play some board games with my students. Check the photos to see what we played!

IMG_1716.JPG Rampage!

IMG_1717.JPG Escape: Curse of the Temple

IMG_1718.JPG Bang!

IMG_1719.JPG Catchphrase (an oldie but a goodie)