Claire has been pretending for a little while now. She has been playing games with toys, making up songs, even talking to dolls, but this weekend there was a major shift in her pretend world.

It started when we went out for the day on Saturday. Claire started with the exclamation “It’s chasing us!!” We started out a bit worried, but when she responded to the question “What is chasing us?” she said that it was an ogre. “An ogre from Sofia the First!”

Next the ogre gained an ally, a character from a completely different universe. “Nightmare Moon is following us in the sky. She’s helping the ogre!!”


The next day something else was chasing us in the car. A boulder was supposedly coming down the road to squish us. As far as I know she has never seen something like this, but she was describing a boulder similar to the Boulder from the beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”


I can’t wait to see what great new ideas her developing imagination comes up with…especially with a little bit of a geeky nudge from dear old Dad.


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