Geek Dad Times 2 (at least)

Some major news in our house very recently….Amanda is pregnant! We are all very excited. We are still very early in the process so we are not out of the woods just yet.

I want to start this entire journey by telling the story of how “big sister” Claire forced us into a reveal.

We found out on a Monday. We were both very excited but we didn’t want Claire to spoil the surprise to anyone. We were planning on revealing our pregnancy during my sister’s upcoming birthday, so we decided not to tell Claire until later. We were able to hold in our excitement for a total of 2 days and told her on Tuesday night. We explained what a secret was and we told her that there was a baby in Mommy’s belly.

She went to my mother’s house and was fine all day Wednesday. Then Thursday rolls around and I asked Claire if she had told Bubbe (my mom) our secret. She, very nonchalantly says “Yes.” So I asked what secret she told and she says, “There’s a baby in Mommy’s belly.” The next part took some coaxing, but I asked what Bubbe said when she was told the secret. Claire eventually looks at both Amanda and I and said “WHAT?!?!?!” There is something lost in text form. The way that she said it was EXACTLY the way my mother would say it.

Check out our reveal video here!

Expect more Baby Bump updates coming up soon. In the meantime enjoy this video of reactions to our announcement.

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