5 Years

So my wife has already posted this on Facebook; so I will be posting here.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my amazing wife! She supports me in so many ways! She is my best friend and the love of my life! I love you honey!


2014 in review

Thanks for making this a great first year!! The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

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New Year’s Resolutions

“Daddy, you have a big belly…like Mommy”


It seems like a ton of things have happened since my last full post. Claire turned three, which, according to an excuse we used when she was two, qualifies her to ride a camel at the zoo. She also had her first Christmas program at her school. Christmas morning had tons of charm. All of these things are absolutely adorable.

Now on to the main topic of today’s post. Now is the time of year people tend to start looking back and planning the next year and making New Year’s Resolutions. Although the subtitle is not an actual quote, I am waiting for the day that it is. Geeks and nerds have several stereotypes, one of which is being a little pudgy. Over the last year and a half I have gotten a lot pudgy for me.

This rapid weight gain has not gone unnoticed by my family and friends. Although I appreciate the concern that has been shown, but unfortunately I have also been the subject of some jokes within the family. One of the most hurtful was a theory about guessing the sex of our baby. Supposedly the girl sperm is more resilient and since I am overweight I somehow am killing the boy sperm, so Amanda and I must be having a girl.

They way some members of my family speak about it, I want to look at them and say “You think I don’t know? I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life and you think I don’t know?!”

So where does that leave me? I like most Americans will be making the resolution to lose weight. Blogger ArtsyRobot (which you can find here) did a great article about staying positive about your Resolutions. But the key to any resolution or goal is to be SMART about it. SMART is an acronym which you can see below.


My weight loss goal is to lose 30lbs by the end of the summer (before next school year), but hopefully before then. Specific this one is pretty easy I am going to lose weight. Measurable again pretty easy: I want to lose 30 lbs. I can measure this by using a simple bathroom scale. Achievable: I can certainly do this by working out and watching what I eat. Realistic: I think that this is certainly realistic. It is not like I am setting the goal of losing 100 lbs. Timely: I have given myself the time constraint of losing the weight by the end of the summer.

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The Art of Shaving! A Review

This post is going to be mainly geared toward the men out there. Ladies if you read this further, this is going to be a killer gift idea for any man in your life (unless he has a ridiculously awesome beard).

Men I have found a line of products that makes every shave the BEST SHAVE OF YOUR LIFE! That’s right I have found the Holy Grail of shaving products and it all started in the geekiest way possible, with a trip to Comic Con.

The product line is put out by a company called “The Art of Shaving.” Check out their website hereWhat they sell are shaving kits that include a preshave oil, shaving cream, a shaving brush made from pure badger hair, and an after-shave balm. They sell other items such as handles which fit standard razors from companies like Gillette or Schick, fancier brushes, and straight razors, but I would like to focus more on the kits.


As you can see from their website there are four main scents associated with the kits. There are unscented, sandalwood, lemon, and lavender. The starter kit has a small amount of each product, and is only $25. It also comes with a $25 coupon off of the full size kits. Once you have picked a scent we are off to how to use the kits.

Kits come in a varying degree of sizes, but all work the same way. First as always you will want to have hot water on your face. This will cause your facial hair to stand up so that you will get a closer shave. You will also want to fill the sink with hot water. Next is the pre-shave oil. This is going to coat your face. Next it is time for the shaving cream. This step might also be foreign to some guys, especially those using cream from a can. You want to use just a small bit on the wet brush and brush it on your face. Now shave normally, but rinse your blade in the sink which is filled with hot water. Once finished rinse with COLD water, dry and apply a small amount of the after-shave balm.

If you have done all of that you should have just experienced one of the best shaves of your life. I am told it is only second to a barbershop style shave. I have not had one but will UPDATE once I have.

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This Christmas We Were INVADED!!

This Christmas my house was invaded…not by killer zombies, or aliens, hostile army’s or in-laws (whom I love!). We have been invaded by none other than a classic sci-fi antagonist…ROBOTS. Not just any robots, but a robot so keen on helping humankind, that it has taken upon itself the monumental task of vacuuming my household. This is no easy feat. As you may have read on my About Page I have 2 dogs.

As you might have guessed from this opening, my family received a Roomba for Christmas. It is very cool and I must say entertaining. We ran it for the first time on Boxing Day (for those Americas who don’t know that is Dec. 26th. (Which I didn’t know until I started dating my wife)). One of my quirks is that I will often make jokes to my wife by narrating an event, or taking on the voice of something else. This device proved to be one of the funniest things to narrate in quite some time. It is constantly trying to map out the area so it is constantly running into things. It also has a way of depositing some objects which it cannot pick up which is also humorous.

As for performance, the little thing seems to be doing a very good job! As I mentioned I have two dogs…who shed. A LOT!! I am talking when we sweep or vacuum there is enough hair on the floor to create another dog…and I am not talking about a small dog either, I am talking a 50-70 lb extra dog. From what I can tell this thing only missed two balls of fur on its first pass. And by the contents of the bin I am thoroughly impressed with what it can do.

My wife insisted that we name it. So thinking on my feet I suggested the name “Moe” after the cleaning robot on Wall-E.


This robot is called M-O short for Microbial Oblitorator. I figured it would be an appropriate name for any cleaning robot.

I am sure I will be posting about it more later. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season. What’s was your favorite geeky gift that you either gave or received? Leave a comment below! Also be sure to LIKE me on Facebook and FOLLOW me on Twitter. And for anyone who didn’t see this…MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Bump Watch UPDATE!

Yesterday we had our December baby appointment. We dropped Claire off with her Aunt and Uncle, then we trekked out to the doctor’s office.

The first part of the appointment was a blood draw. Amanda doesn’t do too well with this part, however we have found one nurse that is particularly well so we got right in for that part.

Next we saw the doctor. He was running considerably behind so we had to go back to the waiting room in order to wait for him.

Eventually we got in to see him. All was going well until Amanda mentioned some curious symptoms she was having. He decided to check out possible causes. He ordered an unexpected ultrasound. Which again meant we had to wait.

Now the time was getting really close to 5pm, which is when they close. So by the time we got out to the waiting room, all of the TVs had been turned off and the office staff was packing their things up and heading home.

We got in to the ultrasound room and got right down to business. This particular procedure involved taking measurements. Of course we got to see the baby! Once the measurements were completed the ultrasound technician had to report back to the doctor.

After much waiting, the tech came back and told us that we needed to schedule an appointment in 2 weeks for a recheck. We had absolutely no idea what this meant. We also couldn’t tell if the situation was bad and they were just trying to get us out the door. She also mentioned some restrictions that Amanda has to follow. This added to our dismay. Finally after many grief stricken looks the tech told us that there was a slight problem; not bad enough to go to the hospital, but bad enough to watch.

Moral of the story is give people all the information up front…also Doctors…send a nurse rather than a tech to give news like this.

Have you had any problems with a doctor not giving you all the information right away? Have you dad’s ever been in a similar situation with your spouse? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bump Watch 2014!

Amanda and I are headed to the Doctor’s on Monday. No big news as of yet, but we are excited for our next appointment. Amanda calls these appointments a kind of “visit.” At the last few appointments things have been relatively routine. Blood samples, ultrasounds, doctors telling your wife that she needs to eat more to support the person growing inside of her.

This next one should be no exception. We do not have an ultrasound scheduled for this appointment, so it should just be a blood sample and a check on the baby’s heart.

The next big news should be coming out after Christmas when we have our appointment in January. By that time Amanda will be far enough along to tell a gender. So far it has been predicted both ways, so we are still 50/50.

I will for sure have more to report on Monday. In the meantime be sure to me on Twitter and me on Facebook. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel