Has Batman ever had a Cold?

So I have developed a bit of a cold recently. A little stuffy, sore throat, scratchy voice…

As this is going on, I watched some of the best superhero television ever on Tuesday night. This particular viewing stirred a few questions in my mind.

The biggest question was “What happens when a superhero gets sick?” Do they continue their duties or do they become little kids who need to be waited on hand and foot? Or to put it another way, do they muscle through or become like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory?

Code Milky Green
I don’t remember seeing Batman coming out of the Bat Cave covered in a blanket and exclaiming “ALFRED?! I’M SICK!”


The Sidekick Conundrum
I guess that is what Robin is for, but some of the sidekicks are really young. I don’t think they can be responsible enough for the safety of an entire city for the week it takes to recover from a cold.

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