Bump Watch 2014!

Amanda and I are headed to the Doctor’s on Monday. No big news as of yet, but we are excited for our next appointment. Amanda calls these appointments a kind of “visit.” At the last few appointments things have been relatively routine. Blood samples, ultrasounds, doctors telling your wife that she needs to eat more to support the person growing inside of her.

This next one should be no exception. We do not have an ultrasound scheduled for this appointment, so it should just be a blood sample and a check on the baby’s heart.

The next big news should be coming out after Christmas when we have our appointment in January. By that time Amanda will be far enough along to tell a gender. So far it has been predicted both ways, so we are still 50/50.

I will for sure have more to report on Monday. In the meantime be sure to me on Twitter and me on Facebook. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel


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