Bump Watch UPDATE!

Yesterday we had our December baby appointment. We dropped Claire off with her Aunt and Uncle, then we trekked out to the doctor’s office.

The first part of the appointment was a blood draw. Amanda doesn’t do too well with this part, however we have found one nurse that is particularly well so we got right in for that part.

Next we saw the doctor. He was running considerably behind so we had to go back to the waiting room in order to wait for him.

Eventually we got in to see him. All was going well until Amanda mentioned some curious symptoms she was having. He decided to check out possible causes. He ordered an unexpected ultrasound. Which again meant we had to wait.

Now the time was getting really close to 5pm, which is when they close. So by the time we got out to the waiting room, all of the TVs had been turned off and the office staff was packing their things up and heading home.

We got in to the ultrasound room and got right down to business. This particular procedure involved taking measurements. Of course we got to see the baby! Once the measurements were completed the ultrasound technician had to report back to the doctor.

After much waiting, the tech came back and told us that we needed to schedule an appointment in 2 weeks for a recheck. We had absolutely no idea what this meant. We also couldn’t tell if the situation was bad and they were just trying to get us out the door. She also mentioned some restrictions that Amanda has to follow. This added to our dismay. Finally after many grief stricken looks the tech told us that there was a slight problem; not bad enough to go to the hospital, but bad enough to watch.

Moral of the story is give people all the information up front…also Doctors…send a nurse rather than a tech to give news like this.

Have you had any problems with a doctor not giving you all the information right away? Have you dad’s ever been in a similar situation with your spouse? Let me know in the comments below.

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