This Christmas We Were INVADED!!

This Christmas my house was invaded…not by killer zombies, or aliens, hostile army’s or in-laws (whom I love!). We have been invaded by none other than a classic sci-fi antagonist…ROBOTS. Not just any robots, but a robot so keen on helping humankind, that it has taken upon itself the monumental task of vacuuming my household. This is no easy feat. As you may have read on my About Page I have 2 dogs.

As you might have guessed from this opening, my family received a Roomba for Christmas. It is very cool and I must say entertaining. We ran it for the first time on Boxing Day (for those Americas who don’t know that is Dec. 26th. (Which I didn’t know until I started dating my wife)). One of my quirks is that I will often make jokes to my wife by narrating an event, or taking on the voice of something else. This device proved to be one of the funniest things to narrate in quite some time. It is constantly trying to map out the area so it is constantly running into things. It also has a way of depositing some objects which it cannot pick up which is also humorous.

As for performance, the little thing seems to be doing a very good job! As I mentioned I have two dogs…who shed. A LOT!! I am talking when we sweep or vacuum there is enough hair on the floor to create another dog…and I am not talking about a small dog either, I am talking a 50-70 lb extra dog. From what I can tell this thing only missed two balls of fur on its first pass. And by the contents of the bin I am thoroughly impressed with what it can do.

My wife insisted that we name it. So thinking on my feet I suggested the name “Moe” after the cleaning robot on Wall-E.


This robot is called M-O short for Microbial Oblitorator. I figured it would be an appropriate name for any cleaning robot.

I am sure I will be posting about it more later. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season. What’s was your favorite geeky gift that you either gave or received? Leave a comment below! Also be sure to LIKE me on Facebook and FOLLOW me on Twitter. And for anyone who didn’t see this…MERRY CHRISTMAS!


2 thoughts on “This Christmas We Were INVADED!!

  1. That sounds awesome. We both hate hovering, maybe we should check these out!

    • It just ran for the second time today, and I absolutely LOVE the thing! No more balls of hair on the ground. No more hair kicking up as you walk by. It is fantastic! And the cool part is, we scheduled it to run today, went out to run errands and came home to clean floors. They are the way of the future!

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