The Art of Shaving! A Review

This post is going to be mainly geared toward the men out there. Ladies if you read this further, this is going to be a killer gift idea for any man in your life (unless he has a ridiculously awesome beard).

Men I have found a line of products that makes every shave the BEST SHAVE OF YOUR LIFE! That’s right I have found the Holy Grail of shaving products and it all started in the geekiest way possible, with a trip to Comic Con.

The product line is put out by a company called “The Art of Shaving.” Check out their website hereWhat they sell are shaving kits that include a preshave oil, shaving cream, a shaving brush made from pure badger hair, and an after-shave balm. They sell other items such as handles which fit standard razors from companies like Gillette or Schick, fancier brushes, and straight razors, but I would like to focus more on the kits.


As you can see from their website there are four main scents associated with the kits. There are unscented, sandalwood, lemon, and lavender. The starter kit has a small amount of each product, and is only $25. It also comes with a $25 coupon off of the full size kits. Once you have picked a scent we are off to how to use the kits.

Kits come in a varying degree of sizes, but all work the same way. First as always you will want to have hot water on your face. This will cause your facial hair to stand up so that you will get a closer shave. You will also want to fill the sink with hot water. Next is the pre-shave oil. This is going to coat your face. Next it is time for the shaving cream. This step might also be foreign to some guys, especially those using cream from a can. You want to use just a small bit on the wet brush and brush it on your face. Now shave normally, but rinse your blade in the sink which is filled with hot water. Once finished rinse with COLD water, dry and apply a small amount of the after-shave balm.

If you have done all of that you should have just experienced one of the best shaves of your life. I am told it is only second to a barbershop style shave. I have not had one but will UPDATE once I have.

Have you had a barbershop shave? Let me know in the comments below. Also be sure to check me out on Twitter and Facebook.


2 thoughts on “The Art of Shaving! A Review

  1. I have been proudly sporting a beard since i could grow facial hair. I tried shaving once and got really bad skin irritations, never gone back. Perhaps one day….hmmm

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