Bump Watch and Resolution UPDATES!!

There are several subjects that need updating. Luckily it is all good news!

Amanda and I had an appointment with the Ob. fir another ultrasound. This was the original appointment where we would have found out the sex of our baby. This time instead it was just mainly a bunch of measuring. We also decided to bring Claire along to see her brother. The technician was very kind and gave us several pictures of our little Simon. The great news we got was that Simon is measuring a week larger than average, and that the problem that was talked about here is completely cleared up! We were told that in June we can expect a health baby boy! I can hardly wait.

Closer to the New Year I posted about New Year’s Resolutions. By now many people have abandoned their Resolution. I am happy to report that I have not only not given up but I am well on my way to it. I mentioned in my previous post that my resolution was to loose 30 lbs by the beginning of next school year. With the help of several apps (which I will post about later) I have found the motivation, and have lost 10 lbs. super excited! I have been sharing my runs on my personal Twitter account, I have been using the hashtag #GeekDadRuns. Feel free to search for it to see my progress, and all of you other Geek Dads out there feel free to use it!



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One thought on “Bump Watch and Resolution UPDATES!!

  1. Excellent on all accounts.

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