Bump Watch 2015: Failed Tests and #SimonSays

Today Amanda is 28 weeks pregnant. That makes Simon about the size of a Papaya according to my pregnancy app and a 2lb cucumber according to Amanda’s app. A few weeks ago we had an appointment where Amanda had to test how her blood processes sugar. This test is an indicator of whether or not the mother has developed gestational diabetes. Basically Amanda drinks a flavored pure sugar drink then we wait for an hour while her body processes it, then we take her blood and measure the sugar content. Long story short Amanda failed the test. Her sugar level was a bit higher than the tolerance of the test, so now she gets to sit for the same test except it is expanded for a 3 hour time frame. This could mean that Amanda has developed Gestational diabetes, which would explain why Simon is measuring a week ahead of schedule. In any case we are beginning to expect that Simon will be here a bit earlier than his June 3rd due date.

Meanwhile my wonderful wife has come up with probably the best theme for a nursery I have ever heard of. We have decided to go a literary route. Simon’s room is going to be Harry Potter themed. 

Amanda contacted an artist to produce this painting of the Hogwarts Crest with baby animals.

He room is coming together althought we as still missing key bits like a crib. Working hard to get it Finished before the little guy gets here. Let me know your nursery ideas in the comments below, and be sure to follow our updates on the official Dad the Geek FacebookTwitter, and YouTube channel. 


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