Tour the Nusery

Check out this 360 tour of the Harry Potter themed nursery!


April Bump Watch!

june the 3rd is getting closer and closer. We are feeling and seeing more movement everyday. After our last appointment the doctor has told us that Simon is now about 5 lbs. 

We have prepared as much as we can. The nursery is complete, the temporary pack and play bed is setup outside of our bedroom, and all of the larger toys have been pulled down from the attic and laundered. Now it is a waiting game.

I have to tell you that the wait is killing me. This is too stressful, especially combined with the regular stress of being a teacher, and the added stress of the end of the school year looming. 

All in all though I can’t wait for the little guy to get here. Stay tuned for pictures Of our Harry Potter themed nursery! Leave me a comment below and check out my Facebook and Twitter 

What in the World is Dad the Geek Reading?

About a year ago I started collected single issue comic books more intensely than I had before. I stared with one title and have now grown to several. 

Collecting comics has now turned into a weekly Wednesday ritual. For the uninitiated new issues of comic books come out every Wednesday. Most weeks I stop by the local comic store on my way home from work, but this past week Claire and Amanda were on Spring Break. One of the things that Flaire wanted to do was to go to the Comic Book store with me, so we met there this past Wednesday. 

While there Claire saw a Twilight Sparkle stuffed animal and just had to have it, while I picked up my comic books. 


So what exactly have I been reading recently? I have really been enjoying Future’s End & Earth 2 World’s End by DC and the new Star Wars & Darth Vader series by Marvel.