Need Father’s Day ideas…think Fifth Sun 

So a few weeks ago I was contacted by a company to do a review. That company was Fifth Sun which is an apparel company that has a large amount of licenses. 

Let me start out by saying that first, this is the first time that I have reviewed a company that has asked for a review. Second, please read this completely through so that you read the entire story. 

So after I was approached and told to pick a shirt, I set off to attempt to do exactly that. Let me tell you, Fifth Sun has a bunch of licenses, so you will have no problem finding a brand that your Geek Dad is a fan of. The problem comes with the next step, finding a design that you like. I narrowed my search to the Star Wars selection…and found that they literally have over 1,000 shirts which have a Star Wars design. 

After making a selection and ordering I rather unpatiently awaited the arrival of my shirt. When it arrived however I was a little confused. I had ordered a large men’s shirt, however I received a small woman’s tank top, which said “Let’s get Physical!”

I quickly got on the phone to call customer service. They quickly remedied the situation, by ordering the correct shirt and even allowed me to keep the tank top to pass off to someone else. 

After the reorder I got the correct shirt, and I have to say that it is fantastic. It is very comfortable, and I love the graphic. I would definitely order from them again.

So to conclude, a crazy large selection, super helpful customer service, and a comfortable product. I give Fifth Sun four and a half geeky glasses out of five. (The only reason for the half off is because of the initial slip up in the order). Please send them your business this Father’s Day and let them know you heard about them from Dad the Geek. 

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