Sandwiched Between Greatness! AND #SimonSays Update

So it was my birthday recently. For those wondering I have now reached an age that is very easily rounded to 30…(I’m 27). The day before yesterday I realized that my birthday is among some of the great geeky happenings in the world. July is a very busy month if you are a geek. We have San Diego Comic Con, which is the biggest Comic Con around and is widely regarded as the Mecca of all of Geekdom. We also have the more local, and therefore exponentially more likely attended (by me) Tampa Bay Comic Con. Also in July this year is GenCon, which is a fantastic Con for Tabletop games. At the end of July we have some important birthdays. On the 29th we have the birthdays of Geek Emperor Wil Wheaton and his crony, Seth Green. On the last day of July we have the birthday of the most powerful wizard of the age Harry Potter (yes I know he is fictional but people still celebrate it). Smack dab in between them, on the day that action movie star Arnold Schwartzennegger was born is my birthday. 

Not to brag or anything, but those are some pretty important events in the lives of geeks and nerds everywhere! 

Now for the real reason that many people stop by the blog… a baby update. Simon is now officially 2 months old. Big man is in the 70th percentile for height and 90th percentile for weight. We got the ok to start juices this month which is a bit scary. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that he will smell less like cheese, but adding flavored is usually when tummy troubles begin.

Also in Simon’s world is the event of his Baptism. Now before I talk about it, I just want to say that I usually keep this space religion free. If you check out my about page, you will read that I teach at a Catholic school. Yes we are Catholic in the DadtheGeek house. It works for us. 

Little man was baptized on July 26th. He wore the cutest little bow tie ever.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the section below! I love getting them. Also, please check out my Facebook and Twitter pages. I post things there that do not make it onto Theron pages.


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