Tech Talk: Disney 

So there are many companies that come to mind when I think of Tech companies. Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft to name a few. What I don’t typically think of is Disney.

Since becoming an Annual Pass Holder, I have been able to witness more Disney tech recently than I have in the past. For a look at some of the tech being used outside the parks, see my article here.  Let me start by saying that the MagicBands are absolutely genius! They function wonderfully.

Image credit goes to Disney. No challenge of ownership is implied.

These bands house RFID tech and function as your keys to the park. They act as your ticket, by scanning at the gate, and a using a fingerprint to authenticate your identify. This is really cool, especially when used by gate staff to add to the magical experience of visiting Disney. As Claire scanned her band, a staff member looked at their reader, took note of her name and said “Welcome Claire!” as we entered. That alone could have made Claire’s day! 

They also function as your FastPass allowing you to cut the line for certain rides provided you signed up to receive a FastPass from that ride. It used to be that a FastPass was an extra slip of paper that you would have to keep track of and sometimes would lose. 

If paired with a credit card, the band can also be used for paying in the parks. This uses much of the same technology that Apple Pay uses. 

I think one of the coolest applications for the Bands is using them for a photo pass. Throughout the park are photographers taking pictures of guests. If I equipped they will scan a card with a QR code. When ready the pictures can be previewed and purchased at a store or can be viewed through the Disney Park app. As previously stated, I lose things, and this card is just something else to lose track of in the park. The band can be scanned and used as the photo pass. Brilliant.

That last application is that if styling on property the band can be used as a room key for your hotel room. I love Disney’s commitment to making a wearable device with so many applications! 

Please let me know what you think of the MagicBands! Leave a comment below, and check me out on TwitterFacebook, Periscope @dadthegeekblog and YouTube at DadtheGeek.


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