My name is Trey. I am a student studying Environmental Engineering from the University of Central Florida. I have my degree in Humanities from the University of South Florida and have worked the last 5 years in education teaching Middle School Math and Religion. My family and I make our home in Central Florida. I’m into all kinds of geeky/nerdy things, mainly superheroes, comics, video games, tabletop/board games. The second half of this thing is that I am a very proud father of a six year old daughter  who is very into Minecraft, hedgehogs and science. Claire also enjoys helping around the house and with my geek hobbies. My wife Amanda and I also have a son Simon who is into Paw Patrol, the color green, and Nature Cat;  and also have 2 canine children, Vincent and Evie, who round out the house and keep things interesting.


4 thoughts on “About

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  2. I like your blog mate, very cool. Do you have any thoughts on the Stargate series? The wife and I are just about to finish Atlantis. If you are into table top games, you should check out Game of Thrones. We have only managed to complete one game so far, bit hard with a 3yr old running a muck. 🙂 Keep blogging dude.

    • Thanks for the input. I haven’t checked out Stargate. More into Star Trek and Star Wars. What kind of game is Game of Thrones? Our game nights usually start with one dinner and one game with our 3 year old. Then she goes to bed and the more advanced games start. Luckily my daughter could sleep through anything, so once she is down we can get loud.

      • Stargate is awesome dude. The wife got me into it. Has a really cool pseudo-historical take on the evolution of man, that is what got me anyway.

        GoT is similar to Risk. But it also has elements of games like Spartacus etc. Really great game, but it takes a few hours just to teach someone to play. Many hours to actually play, you need a dedicated few to enjoy it.

        The way the map is kind of forces you to scheme and plot, just like the families of Westeros… 🙂

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