Store closing and New Project.

So I must be completely insane. I have taken on several new model projects during the heat of report card time at work.

Let me start at the beginning. Saturday was the last day of our local Games Workshop store. It is unfortunately going out of business. Making room for a Whole Foods of all things.

I took my Dark Angels 40k army down there and played in a “Kill Team” match. He other thing that I did was make a few purchases; mainly scenery, terrain, and other detail pieces.



These pieces are the start of a whole 4′ x 6′ gaming table that I am building, and will be posting my progress.

Check out my progress on my YouTube channel here.
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You know you’re a Geek Dad when……radio edition

You know you’re a Geek Dad when your wife goes on the radio to talk about how much of a geek you are.

I was on my way to work yesterday when I get a call from my wife. She doesn’t usually call me on my morning drive. Thinking this was odd I answered quickly. “What radio station are you listening to?” she asked. I answered by telling her I was listening to music from my phone. She then launches into a long explanation.

Apparently a local radio station was talking about my favorite tv show, “The Big Bang Theory.” They then posed the question “Do geeks get the girl in real life?” My wife Amanda takes it upon herself to call in and talk about how big of a geek I am. She talked about how we met, the fact that I play 40k, how I teach math, and several other geeky things I have done over the years. She even mentioned this blog. They responded with saying that she must really love her geek.

I love that my wife would brag on me this way! And I especially love that she loves her geek!

Raising a mini wargamer

It was supposed to be another trip to our local Games Workshop to pick up a couple of supplies. My daughter Claire was super excited to go to “Daddy’s store!” to pick up some more of “Daddy’s guys!” (Dark Angels Space Marines) She very happy to go into the store and started leading us everywhere to look at “Castles” and other “guys.”

The store clerk, Thomas, saw how enthrall we she was with everything and sprang into action. As I was picking up my supplies he walked over with a fully assembled and primed “guy” for Claire to paint herself. This simple act of kindness completely made Claire’s night! She was so excited that night that she wanted to bring the little model to bed with her.

Claire waited patiently all week and today Claire got to start painting her guy. Enjoy these cute pictures!




Funny run in at Games Workshop

So for about a year I have been getting a Dark Angels army together for the tabletop mini-war game Warhammer 40,000. For those of you out there with no idea what it is I have been able to boil it down to army men (yes the green ones) but with rules. There is SO much more to it than that, but that is essentially what it is (if you would like to learn more about this game, read about it here).

So the entire family was out at the mall shopping. While we were there I convinced my wife Amanda to stop by a Games Workshop store (where pieces of this game are sold). I start looking around for the things I need when Claire sees a mural on the wall. She starts saying “Oohhh, paint! Claire Paint! Claire Paint!” I needed to paint a few more characters so I asked of she wanted to help me paint. She says yes, and I feel like a proud Geeky Dad.

Then out of nowhere Claire makes the connection and starts softly saying “Claire paint the wall!” She starts to get louder “Claire paint the wall!” And louder “Claire Paint the Wall!” Until she was telling at anyone who will listen excitedly “CLAIRE PAINT THE WALL! CLAIRE PAINT THE WALL!!!” This gave everyone in the store a good laugh. After my purchase we all went home, got some paint samples and helped paint a “picture” of color samples on a couple of walls we were thinking of painting.

Geek stuff and making a little girl excited about something other than the idiot box, THIS is what it means to be Dad the Geek!