Bounce house crazy

Over this weekend, Claire attended a birthday party. Like many kid’s parties, the most amazing and awesome item of kiddom made an appearance. The bounce house was by far the mark of a fantastic party when I was a kid. They were the source of entertainment and games and at a party of 2nd graders was second only to the cake or goodie bags (depending on the kid).


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Being at this party as an adult and having a child, I now understand the need for all of the ignored rules printed on the outside of the bounce house. If used incorrectly, these things can be death traps! I do NOT mean to speak ill of the hosts of the party. They were very good at monitoring the number of children inside the balloon of death, yet even with close monitoring, there were still injuries, still tears, and still upset preschoolers. 

Kids were bouncing everywhere; into each other, into the walls, and onto the floor.  They even seemed to be a little more crazed than usual. Claire came off of the thing with wild hair and a mischievous grin on her face. With this look I coined the phrase “bounce house crazy” to describe her look. 

We have now received an invitation to yet another preschool birthday party.  This time instead of a bounce house the kids are going ice skating… I can only imagine what is in store for these Florida kids when ice (something incredibly foreign to them) and blades enter the mix.

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Man have I been busy!

So it has been a long time since there has been a post. School has flown by, as it is now the end of the first marking period. It has been a blur raising 2 children, 2 dogs and holding a full time teaching position. 

I do have to give a little shout out to all of my students who found my blog. Hi guys…now stop reading this and do your homework.

But, I am officially out from under my mountain of grading and am back with the expectation of a new post every week. 

I do have plans for moving the blog forward. Stay tuned to my official social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to sign up for Periscope so that you can checkout my live broadcasts. I have done a couple around town and will be doing one this weekend of the RPG campaign I am a part of. You must watch to get the inside information on the campaign and our characters. Hopefully we will be introducing a new character to the mix this weekend. Be looking for the announcement on Twitter.

Now time for an UPDATE: Simon is now 5 months old and is on track to be a Defensive End. His hands are huge me he is easily the length of my torso. For his first Halloween, Simon went as a tiger. The funniest part was that after we put his costume on, any part of his body the costume was touching, Simon would not move. We ended up having more of a tiger sausage than an actual tiger.  

 Claire is living large. Being a big sister sometime tires her out, but she really enjoys being one of only a few people who can consistently make Simon smile. She also enjoys going to Disney now that we have Annual Passes and she is particularly looking forward to trying out our new Magic Bands this weekend. 

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I am exhausted. Back to school has begun and I was in the middle of my first full week back with students. I decided on this particular night to go to bed early. 

Just as my eyes began to feel so heavy that I could never lift them, I was snapped from my bliss by blood-curdling screams. The kind of screams reserved for stranger in the house! Luckily Wife was already in her room and ready for anything. As I groggily walk into Claire’s room I can tell that this is going to be a special case.

Claire has begun having night terrors. Developmentally this is right on track, however it doesn’t make it any less frightening. 

What usually happens is that she will let out a couple of yells, then will go back to sleep. Every now and then Claire will have a strong episode, where she wakes up and is inconsolable for about 20-30 minutes. The problem with these strong episodes is that she will work herself up so much that she begins to gag. Very occasionally these gags will make her throw up. 

It was clear from her screams that this was going to be one of her stronger episodes. 

The worst thing as a parent is the fact that there is not anything that you can do. 

I recently posted to a parent blog group called The Dad Network and they gave me the solution that I should completely wake Claire up. I will have to try this next time.

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A poem by Claire.

The other morning I awoke as I often do on Saturdays. To Claire snuggling up in our bed, talking about something. This particular morning she was trying her hand at rhyming words. She eventually came up with a cute little poem that she was repeating over and over. For your reading pleasure here is that poem.

Go, snow! 

Like leaves on trees…

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Bump Watch 2015…The Final Countdown

i don’t know about you, but as I wrote that title I read the words “Final Countdown” in the singing voice from the song “The Final Countdown.”

We are in week 38 now. Baby is in position, and all the processes have been started. Now…we wait. It is remarkable to think that the only thing we are waiting on is for Simon to decide he is ready to join the world. Amanda has likened it to Purgatory. 

I can’t wait to meet the little man. I’ll be sure to share on the DadtheGeek  Facebook and Twitter.

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April Bump Watch!

june the 3rd is getting closer and closer. We are feeling and seeing more movement everyday. After our last appointment the doctor has told us that Simon is now about 5 lbs. 

We have prepared as much as we can. The nursery is complete, the temporary pack and play bed is setup outside of our bedroom, and all of the larger toys have been pulled down from the attic and laundered. Now it is a waiting game.

I have to tell you that the wait is killing me. This is too stressful, especially combined with the regular stress of being a teacher, and the added stress of the end of the school year looming. 

All in all though I can’t wait for the little guy to get here. Stay tuned for pictures Of our Harry Potter themed nursery! Leave me a comment below and check out my Facebook and Twitter 

What in the World is Dad the Geek Reading?

About a year ago I started collected single issue comic books more intensely than I had before. I stared with one title and have now grown to several. 

Collecting comics has now turned into a weekly Wednesday ritual. For the uninitiated new issues of comic books come out every Wednesday. Most weeks I stop by the local comic store on my way home from work, but this past week Claire and Amanda were on Spring Break. One of the things that Flaire wanted to do was to go to the Comic Book store with me, so we met there this past Wednesday. 

While there Claire saw a Twilight Sparkle stuffed animal and just had to have it, while I picked up my comic books. 


So what exactly have I been reading recently? I have really been enjoying Future’s End & Earth 2 World’s End by DC and the new Star Wars & Darth Vader series by Marvel.