Console Wars: Playstation 4 vs Xbox One

So here is the story: I have stayed away from video game consoles for some time. The most current form that I own is an Xbox…an original Xbox. My parents bought a Wii when I was in college so I only played when I came home from college.

This never stopped me from having an opinion. I always enjoyed the Halo series so that was a mark for Xbox. I also disliked the Playstation controller. I was used it playing Gameboy, Nintendo, and Sega consoles where buttons were always referenced with letters, not shapes.

These two points were the entire basis of my loyalty to Xbox. I looked forward to purchasing an Xbox One, mainly because of previous loyalty, and the cool things that it was able to do with the Kinect. I have been looking forward to having an automated home system, and the Xbox One seemed to be a step in that direction.

Fast forward to E3. Destiny was the game that really caught my attention and became the game that I believed would bring me to purchase a new generation console. I couldn’t wait to play it on an Xbox One.

This is where things seemed to go off the rails. I recently found out that the developers will be granting more benefits and bonuses to Playstation. To top things off the people that I would play the game with already have PS4s.

After much thinking and some research I consulted the ultimate authority on games and toys in our house…Claire. I asked her if we should get an Xbox or a Playstation. She may have only heard the word “play” but the response “Playstation,” was almost instant.

So long story short, I have reserved a PS4 and a copy of Destiny for pickup on Tuesday when the game releases.

Is anyone else excited for Destiny? Or do you have another favorite video game? Leave me a comment in the section below! Also be sure to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.