More Coming Soon

So…just as the title suggests there is going to be more coming to the blog soon.

I have several different projects in various stages of completeness. Just know I have been very busy but am coming back soon.


So I Went to College…

So I already have a college degree. I earned a BA in Humanities from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls). I am not in a career where I use those skills directly. This degree is generally used as a springboard into a Master’s degree, or work in museums or art collections. I do neither of those things. Currently I work as a middle school math and religion teacher for a local parochial school.

Want to know something awesome? I had to go back to college. In the state of Florida one must possess a Teaching Certificate in order to teach, so I applied for one. I was granted a Temporary Certificate and was then told that I needed to complete a certain number of courses about child psychology and teaching strategies in order to make it permanent. So I did, I went back to school and took the classes to make it permanent. And now I am Permanently Certified to teach Humanities K-12.

But I am not teaching that…I am teaching math and religion. So now I have to brush up on my Calculus so that I can take a test to add it to my certification.

So this summer I decided to take a few college classes, yet again. At this point though I decided to take classes at the University of Central Florida. The first day of class I made sure that I was going to be early; the lesson that my high school band director ringing in my ears, “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late.” 

Since I was early, I had some time to kill. I spent it talking with other students. One of whom noticed my wedding ring and posed the innocent question, “Oh so how long have you been married?” The look on his faced changed somewhat when I had to stop to do some quick math. I responded with “Well at the end of this year it will be 8 years.” He then comes back with “Wait how old are you?!”

It turns out that this kid is 10 years younger than I am. I feel like the old man, the crochety old man who does not know how to talk to these kids. Some of them use slang that I have never heard before. Some are suggesting apps for me to use, again that I have never heard of before. 

Help me out. Send me some slang and it’s meaning, or some apps to suggest back to these kids in the comments section. Or if you want to have a slang question answered leave it in the comments section. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter. Also see me play FPS games with friends over on Fridays at 8pm EST. 

Tampa Bay Comic Con!!

We are excited to announce that all of us here at We the Committee (my new project) will be present for Tampa Bay Comic Con! Because of the Con, we do need to change some of our programming, therefore there will not be an episode of “Friday Night Cannon Fodder” on August 5th. The 3rd episode will be broadcast LIVE on Friday Aug. 12th at 8pm EST. We may also have to push back our first “Committee Meeting,” but we’ll see! 

If you haven’t already please check out this new venture over at Please Follow and Like us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates. If you are planning on going to the convention in Tampa, let us know in the comments below. If you are in the Tampa area on Aug 5-8th, hit up our social media and maybe we can meet and raise our glasses at one of the nighttime events!

Summer Trip to Downtown Disney PART 1: The People!

One of the big things that we wanted to do this summer was to take a trip to Downtown Disney. For the uninitiated, Downtown Disney is an area of themed Disney shops and restaurants found on Disney property in Orlando, Florida. Claire affectionately calls the place “Minnie’s Mall.” 

The main attraction for us wasn’t the shops, and it wasn’t the wonderful restaurants either. We were going for the balloon; a ride which resembles a hot air balloon, but is basically giant helium balloon which remains tethered and flies high above the Downtown Disney area. 

This is the first time that we as parents have sort of fell victim to child marketing. We had seen this thing and thought that we would take her eventually. The problem is that Disney Junior began running promotions for areas inside the resort area, one of which was for this balloon. Claire became enamored! She memorized the commercial, and afterwards would exclaim “I WANT TO GO THERE!” 

So we broke down and ended up taking her with the intention of going on the balloon. I wish that I could say that I, Dad the Geek, was better prepared for our trek, but alas, I wasn’t. 

I wasn’t prepared for the balloon to be grounded due to unsafe winds. I wasn’t prepared with a place picked out to eat lunch, nor with where we would be when the hunger would strike. 

The main thing that I wasn’t prepared for was beating the heat. This was the first time that we had braved an extensive outdoor area since Simon had been born. I felt really bad, but our strategy for keeping him cool was to simply stay in the shadows as much as possible and to duck into air conditioned shops when it got too much. 

It worked out, but If we had a better way to cool off the little man we would have been able to be a bit more flexible in what we could have done. All in all it turned out to be a great day and we all enjoyed ourselves, even though it didn’t turn out the way we had planned.

How do you beat the heat when spending a long time outside during the summer months? What plans did you make that went completely wrong, but turned out alright. Let me know both in the comments section! Also be sure to Like on Facebook and Follow on Twitter.