73…The Best Number


Geeking out today in my Big Bang Theory shirt. To learn why 73 is the best number click here


Funny run in at Games Workshop

So for about a year I have been getting a Dark Angels army together for the tabletop mini-war game Warhammer 40,000. For those of you out there with no idea what it is I have been able to boil it down to army men (yes the green ones) but with rules. There is SO much more to it than that, but that is essentially what it is (if you would like to learn more about this game, read about it here).

So the entire family was out at the mall shopping. While we were there I convinced my wife Amanda to stop by a Games Workshop store (where pieces of this game are sold). I start looking around for the things I need when Claire sees a mural on the wall. She starts saying “Oohhh, paint! Claire Paint! Claire Paint!” I needed to paint a few more characters so I asked of she wanted to help me paint. She says yes, and I feel like a proud Geeky Dad.

Then out of nowhere Claire makes the connection and starts softly saying “Claire paint the wall!” She starts to get louder “Claire paint the wall!” And louder “Claire Paint the Wall!” Until she was telling at anyone who will listen excitedly “CLAIRE PAINT THE WALL! CLAIRE PAINT THE WALL!!!” This gave everyone in the store a good laugh. After my purchase we all went home, got some paint samples and helped paint a “picture” of color samples on a couple of walls we were thinking of painting.

Geek stuff and making a little girl excited about something other than the idiot box, THIS is what it means to be Dad the Geek!


I want to get a more concrete post out there for people to read as an introduction to this blog. The biggest question is why a blog? To be completely honest, I am asking myself the same question. I guess the main reason why I am staring a blog rather than to put my thoughts into a journal is to share them with others. A journal is typically something that gets put on a bookshelf, or in a private place and the thoughts in there never see the light of day. So instead of putting my ideas into a black hole, I figure I’ll put them out there and see what other people think about them.

Now what are YOU the reader going to get out of this particular blog? Another excellent question! Hey, you are pretty good at this. I will mainly be dealing with the issues of being both a nerd/geek and being a father. Sometimes it will be just nerdy stuff, sometimes it will be mostly parenting and proud Dad moments, and yet other times it will be the combination of parenting from the point of view of a geek. I am going to be shooting for a minimum of 1 post per week and try to have them be all kinds of media.

Through doing all this I would love to get connected to more geek dads out there. Whether you are into video games or table top games, comics or novels, Marvel or DC, PC or Mac, or if you have 1 kid or 20 (though that is nuts), all boys or all girls or a combo I would love to meet you and talk about your experiences as you get to read about mine.