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Zippers or Snaps? A Three Year Debate Continues!

So, I have a problem. The debate that occurred three years ago when Claire was a baby has picked back up. Which design of baby onesie is of a superior design, snaps or zippers? In order to illustrate this problem, I am going to ask you to come along on an imaginary journey into my nightlife. In a previous post (Oh Sleep…) I spoke about the fact that my wife and I have not been getting very much sleep. When Simon wakes up for a late night feeding, both of us wake up. One of us will prep the bottle while the other changes the diaper, then one of us will stay up to feed while the other gets to go back to sleep. The issue apparently comes from the changing diaper aspect of this little story. 

Snaps – This is the position that my wife holds. The idea here is that the snaps allow you to uncover less of the child and therefore they are kept cozy and results in less yelling and a smoother transition to feeding and eventually back to sleep. 

My rebuttal is that the baby is screaming at you for food already. They are also kicking their little legs which makes snaps harder to fasten correctly, especially in your current sleep addled state. 

Zippers seem to be the most logical decision to me. A quick solution which cannot be mishandled, unless something goes drastically wrong and skin or fabric is gathered into the zipper (which I should disclose has NEVER happened in our house). 

The wife’s rebuttal again is the idea that the child screams more because most of their body is uncovered. Most onesies are made with the zipper running from one foot up to the neck, so in order to access the diaper, one must completely unzip the onesie. (I maintain that the kid still screams either way).

This brings me to what has to be THE BEST INVENTION EVER! We have come across probably the solution to both issues, and surprise surprise a zipper is involved. The Wife and I are unsure if these are mistakes or if these are made somewhere and we can’t find them. They are zipper onesies where the zipper is reversed this it is quick, yet you can only uncover the area needed to change the diaper. 

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Oh Sleep, where art thou!

I mentioned in a previous post that after having my second child I have become a person who drinks 2 cups of coffee I the morning. After some discussion with my wife, I have come to the conclusion that how much coffee you drink is directly proportional to the number of children that you have. Looking back to my childhood, this conclusion seems to be confirmed. My parents would be functional after one cup, then be themselves after two (and there were two kids in the house).

The wife and I are settling into our nighttime routine pretty well. We both wake up in order to tackle the beginning stages of the feeding together, then one of us gets to go back to sleep. Being a math person though, Did some calculations. Amanda and I have not had a span of sleep last longer than 3 and 1/2 hours for a month…and there is only more days to come. Which makes me ask the question, “Oh sleep, where art thou?”

Having a new baby is fantastic. Claire is handling herself very well in all of her new “big sister” duties. I also couldn’t ask for a better baby in Simon. He is now (for the most part) on a schedule with feeding, pooping, and sleeping. The odd thing is to think of us now as suddenly a family of 4.

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